Seminars for Pre School Teachers

From mid 1950's onwards, Catholic terror in Buddhist VIETNAM led to the killing of about a million people. Fanatic Catholic dictator Ngo Dinh Diem issued U.S. Food Aid only to Catholics. Thousands of Buddhist protesters and monks were imprisoned in “detention camps.” Huge numbers are involved: 500, 000 were incarcerated, 80,000 were executed, etc. Soon, the prisons became no-nonsense death camps.

One can argue that the ‘Bo' leave is another leave out of many trees in the world. Let us now see another two examples which obviously hurt the feelings of Buddhists. They are Biscuits for children which made according to the shape of the Buddha statue and ladies blouses with the pictures of Lord Buddha. The biscuits had been distributed freely among the poor children in the areas of, Horowpatana, Vilachiya, Padaviya, Sri pura, Vahalkada, Dimbulagala and Kantale while the clothes distributed in Anuradhapura , Meegamuwa and Halawatha area.

The dictator was a clown under the American foreign policy and the cat came out of the bag when in early 2001, George Bush made a speech to convey an important message. He said that he would no longer support the developing third world countries through their respective governments but would channel American aid through the American Christian Relief Organizations in these countries.

World Vision is one such organization. Their first clause of the mission is “We are Christians and the last clause is “We will convey the good message of God”.

There are many organizations in Sri Lanka support the unethical conversions and this pre-school project supported by Helabima organization targeted to stop it or at least make a voice among the Buddhist people in Sri Lanka. Based on the evidence from the people in affected villages, it was able to found some local people connected to World Vision and similar organizations were distributing following items via them to disregard Buddhism.


It is very doubtful whether these people with irascible and vulgar personalities can overwhelm Buddhism in such attempts in Sri Lanka where the hearts of the Buddhists will not be filled by blind faith but facts. However, it is to be noted that those attempts were also made to change the mind of children and it would be comparatively easier. The youngest age is not just the age for learning to socialize, but also the age which determines if your child is going to be some one who loves books, or hates books. It is also the time when rationality and irrationality ("faith") are also ingrained into the brain.


  • The specific reasons to disregard Buddhism and attempting the eradication of Buddhism in Sri Lanka are,The rapid decrease in Christianity in western mind which inspired by more rational thinking based on new scientific inventions thus need the new and easy channels to maintain the religious groups.
  • The fact that Buddhism being the fastest growing religion in Australia due to its un-harming nature and it inspire many westerners in Europe and America too.
  • The distorted ideology still practiced by Christian fundamentalists as follows. 

'...children, when you are sincere... you will be omnipotent...'-Max. 863

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace,

but a sword. (Matthew Ch 10: Vs 34)

The fearful, and unbelieving ... shall have their part in the lake which burneth

with fire and brimstone.– Revelation 21:8

The civilized western Christian people avoided such sensitive and contradictory clauses appearing in the Testaments. However the items in following pictures proving that there still exist the uncivilized barbarians who want to tame the unbelievers as the way the Testament recommended.

The hidden mission of World Vision had been exposed after the Presidential Commission of inquiry on Non Governmental Organizations as proved beyond reasonable doubt that World Vision was an American funded manipulative Christian evangelical organization, which was surreptitiously trying to convert Sinhalese Buddhists to Christians through a program of work that was identified as “The Mustard Seed Project”.



  • Senior State Counsel Mr. Nihal Jayasinghe exposed at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the NGOs in 1994, that World Vision had been engaged in religious conversions in remote, mainly Sinhala Buddhist villages under a program code-named the ‘ mustard seed' project.
  • They reactivated their undercover activities again in the guise of poverty alleviation in various parts of the country, with the dawn of the new millennium.

As the pre-school poor children in the area targeted to Christianized, the patriotic organization called Thawalama organization based in Sri Lanka decided to make aware the danger to the pre-school teachers.

Preschool Strategy of non governmental organizations including World Vision based on Christian Evangelism.

  1. Taking over preschools established by the Sarvodaya Movement
  2. Giving gifts to children photographing them and finding sponsors from America.
  3. Meeting parents, persuading them to write letters to the Christian sponsors in America
  4. Making salary payments and conducting training classes for preschool teachers
  5. Introducing World Vision to preschool teachers hiding true facts.
  6. Efforts to subvert the Sinhala Buddhist traditions in the villages
  7. Using preschool teachers to approach parents to form World Vision societies.
  8. Poverty alleviation through World Vision societies a hearts and minds operation.
  9. Construction of community centers to move preschools away from temples.

On 30 th June 2002, several organizations came forward to help the Thawalama Development Foundation to fight the threat of manipulative Christian evangelism and among them the Helabima Organization needs special mention. The Helabima Organization contributed a sum of Rupees six hundred thousand (Approximately 6000 USD) to conduct fifteen seminars for preschool teachers from 4 th May 2002 to 8 th July 2006.

  1. Encounter with the tractor flying the World Vision flag
  2. Information collected from villagers and preschools
  3. Informing other volunteer organizations and concerned citizen
  4. Formulating countermeasures.


  1. Educating the villagers.
  2. Conducting conferences for incumbents of Buddhist temples.
  3. Distribution of leaflets in villages through Buddhist temples.
  4. Educating the preschool teachers.
  5. Formation of Pre-school teacher society.
  6. Conducting monthly meetings and quarterly seminars.
  7. Issuing Buddha statues to all preschools.

During the seminars held quarterly, eminent speakers are as follows.

  • Venerable Dhammanada Thero,
  • Bengamuwe Nalaka Thero,
  • Great Britain Kassapa Thero,
  • Professor Z Indraratne,
  • Major General Janaka Perera,
  • Dr. Hema Goonatilleke,
  • Dr. Anula Wijesundera,
  • Dr. Susantha Goonatilleke,
  • Mr. S.L Gunasekera,
  • Mr. Harischandra Wijetunga,
  • Mr. Anura Seneviratne,
  • His Excellency Jim Samaraweera, a former the Governor of the North Central Province,
  • Mr. S.D.Chandradasa, a former Government Agent of Trincomalee,
  • Mr. Gamini Gunawardena, a former Deputy Inspector General of Police,
  • Mr. Piyasena Dissanayake, Secretary of the National Joint Committee,
  • Dr. Lalithasiri Gunaruwan, the General Manager of Railways
  • and many other distinguished speakers addressed these sessions.

They spoke to preschool teachers on their responsibility to protect the valuable cultural heritage of our nation from being destroyed through surreptitious efforts made by evangelical Christian organizations such as World Vision.

It was significant to note that not only the Sinhalese pre-school teachers but also Tamil as well as Muslim pre-school teachers also participated in these seminars.

This joint project between the Helabima Organization and the Thawalama Development Foundation was so successful that it became difficult if not impossible for World Vision to implement their program of Christian evangelism in Horowupotana and Kebithigollewa Divisional Secretariat Areas.

But when you know for yourselves, these things are immoral, these things are blameworthy, these things are censured by the wise, these things when performed and undertaken conduce to ruin and sorrow, then indeed do you reject them.

When you know for yourselves, these things are moral, these things are blameless, these things are praised by the wise, these things when performed and undertaken, conduce to well-being and happiness, and then do you live and act accordingly.

Lord Buddha in Kalama Sutta