Salaries to Tempitiya Volunteer Teachers

Objective of the Project

The main objective of the project was to bear the cost of the salaries of four school teachers including a Buddhist monk for a year. 

Recognition of the project 

There was a request from Ven Dhammananda Thero, director of “Jayagrahanaya organization who residing in Asgiriya Temple in Kandy to the Helabima organization to consider this case in urgent basis due to the prevailing terrorist attacks in the area. The thero emphasized that the educational difficulties faced by the students mainly due to the lack of teachers in the school.

The Helabima committee members decided to fund the teacher's salary for a year after receiving the verbal confirmation made by the responsible authorities in educational department. 

The selection criteria of the teachers chosen were out of the volunteers whom already supported students. Though not significant but to a certain extent, it had been found out that the education were intact due to active volunteerism of the villagers. 


Tampitiya is a remote village situated in the jungle near the boarder between the Ampara and Batticaloa districts and located on the A5 Highway of the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. It had been severely affected by the Tamil terrorism. There are about 350 poor families earning their living by cultivation and the villagers will further require more attention by the authorities in order to enhance the civic status such as adequate sanitation, education. This picturesque village has a beautiful irrigation reservoir and the village temple, where the chief incumbent Ven. Tampitiye Gnananda Thero gives an exemplary leadership to the families living there.

Some children in the school

Project Cost

Though the initial cost predicted was 120,000 Rs, per an year, (Approximately 1200 USD) (2500 Rs per a teacher X 4 X12) it has been changed to 7,60,000 Rs (Approximately 7600 USD) for six years. This is due to various reasons such as the unstable situation of the area, changes of the policies in education department as recognized the area as unstable terrorized area etc delayed absorbing the teachers in to governmental services. It is worth to mention that the village had earlier been subjected to several terrorist attacks. A camp of the police Special Task Force (STF) provides security to the village.

Project Manager

Ven Dhammananda thero had been appointed from Sri Lanka to manage the project on a voluntary basis.

Final Project status

The particular teachers later received the government appointments after about five years from Helabima organization funds. The Helabima organization recognized this project as a successful and a completed project from the school view points, to have the teachers as well as was able to absorb them in to permanent educational service.



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