This the Helabima first project started in 1998 with fund contribution of few Srilankan friends in UAE.

It was like a miraculous coincidence that the Helabima organization participated in the first project of it as constructing an abandoning tank in the area which converted to Tamil name as Kokkamodai, thus supporting the indigenous Sinhalese in two fold way such as assisting their irrigation requirements and unveil the Sinhalese identity at the area. Read more about Renovation of Kokmote Lake

A child was born around 1901 in Sikkim in Tibet and named as Pempa Tendupi Serky Cherin. Serky received a scholarship, with an annual allowance of six rupees, to study Buddhism in Ceylon and arrived there in 1912 or 1914. The child had been supervised by the famous Gnanaloka Thero a German national at a temple in Polgasduwa in southern Ceylon. Read more about S. Mahinda Thero Musium

The Buddhist Temple that came up, when the Tamil politicians not allowed to fulfill religious needs of the village

It was around 155 AD. A young energetic horsemen dressed like a prince gallops through a path of a thick jungle near Kothmale. He stopped near a tree & remove his royal dress, hide them with his ROYAL SWARD inside a hole in the tree & wore like a normal country youth. Just hit the horse & said “Go back”. Read more about Library, Buddhism school at Bogahawatte temple

From mid 1950's onwards, Catholic terror in Buddhist VIETNAM led to the killing of about a million people. Fanatic Catholic dictator Ngo Dinh Diem issued U.S. Food Aid only to Catholics. Thousands of Buddhist protesters and monks were imprisoned in “detention camps.” Huge numbers are involved: 500, 000 were incarcerated, 80,000 were executed, etc. Read more about Seminars for Pre School Teachers

Objective of the Project

The main objective of the project was to bear the cost of the salaries of four school teachers including a Buddhist monk for a year. 

Recognition of the project  Read more about Salaries to Tempitiya Volunteer Teachers

Helabima organization was founded in 1997 by a group of Sri Lankan expatriates who lived in U.A.E. The main objective was to uplift living conditions and support the needy villagers to sustain their existence in North and East provinces of Sri Lanka. Bhoomi Puthra or the owners of the land have become destitute and were living under constant death threats received from Tamil terrorists who went on a ruthless killing spree to curve a separate area based on ethnicity. Thousands of innocent Sinhala villagers including women and children were massacred indiscriminately by Tamil terrorist during the 30 years of horror unleashed over the Island nation. 

  1. Resettlement projects for Sinhala destitute villagers who were chased away by LTTE terrorists during the separatist campaign  
  2. Identify affected people due to the LTTE Tamil terrorism and their burning needs, directly involve in coordination with other patriotic organizations within Sri Lanka to organize, manage and fulfilling their basic requirements in agriculture, education, religious, housing and other social matters.
  3. Organize awareness programs to correct various mythologies especially spread during past three decades by foreign funded NGOs backed by national and International interested parties working for Tamil Terrorists.
  4. Taking counter measures to stop the unethical religious conversions. Foreign funded NGOs are working round the clock to convert innocent and helpless Sinhala villagers especially in terror affected areas.
  5. Moral boosting projects for Armed. Forces including supply of essentials items to ease the hardship at the war front faced by soldiers.
  6. Construction of facilities for disabled war heroes at army camps and their own residences, scholarship programs for children of disabled soldiers, donation artificial limbs and wheel chairs etc.
  7. Provide housing for soldiers to stabilize villagers under threat of ethnic cleansing
  8. Infrastructure development of Buddhist temples and ‘Sanghavasa’ in terror infested areas. Reconstruction of “wavai Dhagabai, Gamai Pansalai” ( irrigation tank and stupa, village and temple respectively) concept which preserved the Sinhala Buddhist culture for centuries old civilization in our Motherland.